About Us

Mission Statement

We have never released our foot on the pedal of our drive to tailor our security to best fit not only demands, but also to exceed our clients’ individual expectations and branding standards. As a company we thrive to innovate security, to provide tactics unique only to Interalliance and create a paradigm shift within the industry that we are passionate for. We love challenging the boundaries of innovation. At Interalliance, in addition to our own expertise, we are always researching and inspired studying local security and security on a global scale.

By doing so, we are able to design the most optimal security strategies specific to each of our clients, regardless of the operation size.

About Us

Interalliance was founded and built based on 15 years of experience in the Criminology and Security space, which includes academics, investigations, plain clothes, and general Security field work. We are based in Downtown Vancouver and deploy our security teams throughout the regions outside Vancouver. We have divisions of security that are trained specifically for their clientele, which include but not limited to, retail, high-profile, concierge, building, outdoors, fire watch, and special projects.

Our Team

We take great pride in the employees that we carefully chose to represent our organization and the client. Finding the right Officer for the specific client’s needs and demands is not a task we take lightly. When recruiting new members, the Officer is chosen based on not only their academic and work experience, but their passion to perform, ability to execute, personality traits and integrity.

The employee with the overall strongest candidacy is then selected and prepared for deployment. Due to the training of our employees being client specific based on the site they are selected for, they are given that client’s training manual to which they are selected for. They must then pass the exam that is based on the training manual they have been selected for. They are then deployed to the site and the trainer will work with them until we and the client is completely satisfied.

Our on-site supervisors are always scheduled on various shifts and within a central proximity of our clients so that they are readily available with a direct line to accommodate our teams and our clients.


Due to the long rigorous hours dedicated to training each of our employees, it is important for us to retain our employees. We invest in our employees and by doing so we reduce the amount of individuals that flow through our organization. It is imperative for us to find the right person from the start for our clients and not have different employees rotating at work sites.


At Interalliance we take privacy extremely seriously and it is prioritized amongst all of our practices. As a Security firm that is intricated with various forms of intel from various networks and client resources, private and sensitive intel is heavily protected within our organization. There are several means in place including a private shielded software utilized to share internal intel.